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Welcome to the rules page. You are to follow these rules unless you want to be punished.

  1. You may not have multiple accounts, besides same IP trades are not possible anyway.

  2. Do not abuse bugs. We will be doing our best to code a bug-free game, but if you do find a bug then Y-mail a staff member as soon as possible.

  3. Do not scam other players. If you want to be the best, then train, battle and trade. Don't scam.

  4. Treat other people with respect, As they are also members of the game and have feelings.

  5. Massive oneway trades are not allowed as this gives a huge advantage to the player on the receiving end.

  6. Staff members are there to help. Do not disrespect them or you will be punished. It works both ways, please report misconduct of staff members to DarkLighter.

  7. Swearing is allowed and you must stop if requested to do so by a staff member. Being polite also comes under respecting other players.

  8. No hacking into other peoples accounts. If you find a way to get into other players' accounts then you get out and tell the coders.

  9. In the chat room follow the chat rules.

  10. That is all for now, Please let the staff know if you feel that something should be changed or added. We will appreciate your input greatly.

    Please follow these rules and you will be fine.

>Blankrider - Blast from the past!
>Darklighter - it's about time
>Malikie - Nuh uh..I've allways had this much gold..>_>
>Darklighter - Gold will be fixed some time tonight, be patient and don't use any gold until then thanks
>Darklighter - hey Dre, data's ok, Dark Wind will fix it all back. Be nice to him :)
>{~TRC~}Lt. Ragnarok - Well... except for maybe one or two people. <_< Some have it in their banks already.

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