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Xenos Quires Chronicles

Chapter 1
The search for the Dark Lights

-Beginning- The Dark Lights of Caleron have dissappeared.
The cities and people of Caleron have also vanished. The only trace of a once mighty civilization is small temple shrouded in darkness. You are the only one who has been here in some time, or so it seems. As a new arrival you will have to seek out the people of Caleron and try to find out what has happened to this empire of old. The temple at which you arrive contains a room in which all there is to see is an Altar and some other rooms, one containing a large machine that hums and softly glows blue. It seems this contraption is what has kept this temple here. Perhaps you should look around and see what you can find out about this civilization and if there is a way to master their once powerful technologies.
Of course, you'll have to start from scratch...if you've got the guts to find out more...
>Blankrider - Blast from the past!
>Darklighter - it's about time
>Malikie - Nuh uh..I've allways had this much gold..>_>
>Darklighter - Gold will be fixed some time tonight, be patient and don't use any gold until then thanks
>Darklighter - hey Dre, data's ok, Dark Wind will fix it all back. Be nice to him :)
>{~TRC~}Lt. Ragnarok - Well... except for maybe one or two people. <_< Some have it in their banks already.

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