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Welcome to the rules page. You are to follow these rules unless you want to be punished.
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  1. You may not have multiple accounts, besides same IP trades are not possible anyway."; echo "

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  2. Do not abuse bugs. We will be doing our best to code a bug-free game, but if you do find a bug then Y-mail a staff member as soon as possible."; echo "

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  3. Do not scam other players. If you want to be the best, then train, battle and trade. Don't scam."; echo "

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  4. Treat other people with respect, As they are also members of the game and have feelings."; echo "

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  5. Massive oneway trades are not allowed as this gives a huge advantage to the player on the receiving end."; echo "

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  6. Staff members are there to help. Do not disrespect them or you will be punished. It works both ways, please report misconduct of staff members to DarkLighter."; echo "

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  7. Swearing is allowed and you must stop if requested to do so by a staff member. Being polite also comes under respecting other players."; echo "

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  8. No hacking into other peoples accounts. If you find a way to get into other players' accounts then you get out and tell the coders."; echo "

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  9. In the chat room follow the chat rules."; echo "

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  10. That is all for now, Please let the staff know if you feel that something should be changed or added. We will appreciate your input greatly."; echo "

    "; echo "Please follow these rules and you will be fine."; ?>

>Blankrider - Blast from the past!
>Darklighter - it's about time
>Malikie - Nuh uh..I've allways had this much gold..>_>
>Darklighter - Gold will be fixed some time tonight, be patient and don't use any gold until then thanks
>Darklighter - hey Dre, data's ok, Dark Wind will fix it all back. Be nice to him :)
>{~TRC~}Lt. Ragnarok - Well... except for maybe one or two people. <_< Some have it in their banks already.

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