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Service Offers

Offers by the XQ Team.

Since Xenos Quires is coded for free, we figure we can help our players with our web based knowledge and skills to get some income.

We are willing to provide you the following services for small negotiable fees:

  • Setting up a free webhosting account on your choice of host, or we can find a free host for you.
  • Setting up a simple website template for you.
  • Setting up a forum for your website.
  • Setting up a photo gallery.
  • Provide you with a detailed HTML tutorial
  • Provide you with a detailed PHP tutorial
  • Provide you with an FTP tutorial for using FTP clients.

For more information contact Darklighter via email at xenosquires AT gmail DOT com.
[Please provide us with your contact information, what exactly you want us to do and what you expect from the final product we deliver.]

>Blankrider - Blast from the past!
>Darklighter - it's about time
>Malikie - Nuh uh..I've allways had this much gold..>_>
>Darklighter - Gold will be fixed some time tonight, be patient and don't use any gold until then thanks
>Darklighter - hey Dre, data's ok, Dark Wind will fix it all back. Be nice to him :)
>{~TRC~}Lt. Ragnarok - Well... except for maybe one or two people. <_< Some have it in their banks already.

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